Things To Consider When Buying A Wood Router

wood router in action

One of the woodworking tools that serious woodworkers cannot do without is a ‘wood router’.  This is because with this tool and a set of wood router bits, one can create an impressive array of designs, shapes, grooves, etc. But, before you take the plunge and buy one for yourself, you need to understand the…

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3 Must Have Woodworking Machinery For Every Workshop

woodworking machinery

If you are an aspiring woodworker, who wants to take up woodworking professionally you should give ample thoughts to buying essential woodworking machinery that you will need to carry out woodworking projects efficiently. Just like any other craft, woodworking begins with mastering the basic skills and knowledge to use the fundamental tools efficiently. Of course,…

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6 Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Wood Lathe

wood lathe explanation

Woodturning is a very interesting branch of woodworking that is quite popular among woodworkers. In order to get started in this field, one must have a good quality and sturdy wood lathe and a couple of other woodturning tools like chisels, gouges and parting tools. With these equipments, you can certainly go a long way…

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5 Things To Know When Buying Used Woodworking Machinery

used woodworking machinery

Many people get attracted towards woodworking, as it gives  them the opportunity to make the furniture they need on their own and in the process they can save quite a handsome sum of money. One will need woodworking machinery to complete any woodworking project, right from cabinets, tables, wardrobes to small projects like birdhouses. However,…

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Important Wood Working Machines For Your Projects

wood working machine

Wood working is the kind of profession anybody can opt. People don’t just do wood working for earning money, they also do it because it is a very interesting and fun activity. There are people all over the world learning about wood working and making their households much decorated and beautiful. The best thing about…

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Pay Attention Before Getting A Cheap Table Saw

benchtop table saw

A table saw is also known as a sawbench. It is basically a woodworking tool consisting of three main parts; a blade, an arbor ( on which the blade is mounted) and an electric motor, responsible for the functionality of the whole thing. The electric motor may have a belt or gears to make this…

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Important Tipps Before Buying Used Woodworking Machinery

supplier for used woodworking machinery

Machinery is man’s best work mate. They are used in almost every field, in every area, whether the machinery is for cars, grocery stores, shop or woodwork. In earlier times, men used to work on their own without any help or support. There were no helping hands to distribute the work or make it easier.…

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Best Equipment From The Legacy Woodworking Machinery

legacy woodworking machine

Woodworkers require a lot of tools and equipment for the work they do. These tools are not always available at any shop nearby. In order to find the perfect shop which would ship the equipment to their houses, the woodworkers search online. Their search is now over. There is one company that offers sales to…

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Indespensable Tools: The Woodworking Hand Planes

hand planes

There was a time when hand planes were indispensable tools for any woodworker. Used for smoothing, straightening and shaping just about every single piece of wood in a home. The carpenter of a few years ago, would lug around a bunch of hand planes, each of which was responsible for performing a particular function. Nowadays,…

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18 Carpentry Tools Every Woodworker Should Have

carpentry tools pt 1

Carpentry tools needed in woodworking, range from simple hand tools to complex power tools. Using the right tool as per the need of a project is crucial for its flawless execution. Whether you are a novice woodworker or an expert in the field, you wouldn’t agree more about the importance of owning the right carpentry…

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