Collection Of The Must-Have Tools For Cabinet Makers

Cabinets are a necessity rather than a luxury. Every house needs cabinets to be complete. To get a cabinet people have three options. Number one, buy one from the market. Number two, get one made from a carpenter and last but not the least, be your own cabinet maker!

If you are going for option number three, you need to make sure that you have best cabinet making tools so that the end result turns out to be really good. There isn’t a set standard in the whole cabinet making process, but the tools described here possess certain qualities which allow you to create magnificent work.

Always use new blades for splinter free wooden cabinets!

cabinet out of wood
Amazing wooden cabinet from cherry wood.

Talking about cabinet makers:

The first thing to come in mind is a saw. Make sure to get a toothy blade to avoid splinters and get a clean cut. It will be very helpful when you have splinter prone hardwood or particle board with melamine coating. A perfect composition of the blade will have 40° angle on the top level teeth. Although it is double the angle on the regular blades but it shears wood very cleanly. It will give you splinter free cuts. Following the cutter, don’t forget the drilling-jig which allows you to build adjustable shelves in a jiffy.

Next in the line of cabinet making tools, we have the AccuScribe Pro, which allows us to add numerous articulation points which allow you to squeeze into tighter spots. As it is an evolved form of the second grade compass, it helps you stay stable while working and allows you to draw along the surface. Furthermore it features a built-in sharpener, which allows you to always stay sharp. Next in the list we have clamps. As the need for a custom cabinet job arises, so does the need for clamps.

Get Rockler’s three way face clamp. At first sight, it might look like a very unconventional clamp, but it grasps the carcase in such a way that it allows us to secure the face frame from the cabinet itself. Although the need for it will arise very rarely, but when it does there is no tool which can do the job better than this.

In a perfect world, making a cabinet is as easy as 1, 2, 3. In our world a plethora of factors such as the moisture induced swelling, un-even walls and out of level floors render the ideal scenario a fantasy. To make that a reality, get the Cabinet Claw. It pulls together the face frames of the cabinets while aligning them, making it that much simpler to screw the frame in. Last but not the least; make sure that you get a tool for speedy hinge-placement. Screwing it in yourself is a very tedious and hectic task; Sommerfeld’s Hinge Boring Jig will allow you to do just. Not only will it allow you to get done with the task easily and speedily but it will also make sure that the hinge stays in place for a very long time.

Watch this great video about professional cabinet makers in action:

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