Dealing With Issues With Your First Wood Craft Project

If you really want to get started on your first wood craft project then you need to know the different types of wood that you will have to work with. It’s good that you have all the tools for woodworking but if you are not familiar with the type of woods you will have to work with, then it can become a problem.

The hardwood that you use while doing wood craft project will differ in type. You will mostly have to deal with vessels. When vessels are cut from the end grain, they are often referred as pores. That’s why hardwoods are called porous woods. The size as well as distribution of the vessel will affect the appearance as well as the uniformity of the wood which in the end is going to affect the uniformity of the wood.

dented wood craft project
How to deal with dented woodcraft projects

No matter what type of wood you are using, you must know the technique of repairing dented surface. There are lots of methods of fixing the dented surface. One way to fix it is to make the wood fibers swell so that they can come back to the original shape. For this, you will not need any special tools.

How to repair dented surfaces with your woodcraft projects:

You can simply work with a household iron. Set it to its highest level and allow it to heat. Now take a piece of clean cloth and soak it in water. Fold it a few times and place it on the dent. Place the iron on the cloth and press its tip on the dent. Keep on holding it until the cloth steams up. This will make the wood fibers swell. You might have to add water to cloth till you get the wood fibers to the desired swollen level. Just make sure you don’t leave the iron on the cloth for too long. That will make your wood come out of dent within no time without using tools for woodworking.

If you are working on some table saw project, you will find this tip really handy. If you are working on wood to create a master piece, then you must be aware of many such tips in order to end up making the right product. While working, you will definitely come across some issues with materials and sometimes you will think as if you will never succeed in making the final product. But with such handy tips, you can go a long way. Besides, every successful wood worker for wood craft projects should have solution to such small issues.

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