Easy Wooden Projects That Beginners Can Try

Channeling you creative ideas and skills into wood is a great idea. If you love working with wood, you should seek guidance and training from a skilled woodworker to be initiated in this field. It can be taken up as a hobby and if later if you find that you have a special knack for working with wood, you may even go ahead and choose it as your profession.

But, first of course you need to pick up the basics. Once, your basics are strong you can hone your skills and later take up challenging projects. In this article, we will discuss some easy wooden projects that even beginners can take up. When you complete each of these projects, you will find your confidence increasing. So, without much ado, let’s get started with the list.

Here are some easy wooden projects for you:

  1. Picture Frame:

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most common projects that beginners in the field of woodworking take up. And why not, it is relatively easy to create, needs a small amount of wood and some basic wood. And it also teaches you some great skills, which will prove useful in the field of woodworking. Here is the link to the project details and instructions.



  1. Jewelry Box

    easy wooden projects example
    Easy wooden projects example.

Just like the picture frame, making jewelry boxes is also popular among beginner woodworker. The best part is it is a very functional object and makes a great gift for women. Follow the link below to get access to some great jewelry box plans from popular woodworking magazine.



  1. Modular Wine Rack:

As you hone your woodworking skills in making lovely picture frame and cute looking jewelry boxes, you will have the desire to create something more functional. So, how about a wine rack? It is a great piece of furniture that needs small amount of scrap wood, but will turn into a useful thing that you can also flaunt in front of your guests. Learn making curved cuts and dadoes while making this project. This is an easily customizable project which will make your guest say wow on your skills! Who knows they might just ask you to build a similar one for them.The details of the project can be found here.



  1. Blanket Chest:

If you have kids you are pestering you to make something nice for them, you should make this blanket chest for them. Well, we recommend this because it can serve dual purpose – it can be used as a toy box for kids and will help you to keep your kid’s room clutter free. Put your knowledge of simple screw joinery to use when working on this.Just click the link below for details to get the details of the project.


easy wood project
Easy wood project.


  1. Rustic Headboard and Sofa Table:

Once you are done with the projects above, you should try your hands on this one. Actually, there is two projects in the link below – one is a rustic headboard to add a little character to your bedroom and another one is a nice looking sofa cum coffee table that will be perfect for your space crunched living room. Check the details here.



These were some easy wooden projects for beginners. Stay tuned for more such ideas.

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