Discover Whether Fabuloso is Safe to Use on Wood Floors

Founded in 1980, Fabuloso is an established multi-purpose cleaner used for different purposes.

Can You Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors?

Wood Floors When Using Fabuloso

The answer is yes. You can use it on wood floors, but you can only use it if you have sealed wood flooring. Continue reading to better understand how to use and how safe Fabuloso is on wood floors.

Why Do You Need Sealed Wood Floors When Using Fabuloso?

You must have sealed wood floors. That’s because this protects and prevents fluid and chemicals from passing through the wood. Put more simply, you only use Fabuloso to clean the coating of your wood floors. You can damage your wooden flooring if it’s unsealed, and you use Fabuloso to clean it.
When the chemicals penetrate the wood, cracking, and warping can happen at the same time. You may also notice discoloration which damages your wood floor’s look. So, how do you know if you have sealed wood floors? The process is simple, fast, and gives accurate results. 
First, you need to put a little water in a spray bottle or glass and look for a floor area to pour little water on. You can choose an area that’s out of the way or overused. You’ll know your floor is sealed if the wood doesn’t absorb the water. However, you need to be careful not to put in a lot of water. If this happens, the water can go to the seams and penetrate the wood. Keep in mind that seams and joints aren’t easy to seal.

How Does Fabuloso Work on Wood Floors?

Fabuloso has a neutral pH, so it doesn’t damage the wood. It can also remove dirt, dust, grime, and grease fast. Fabuloso products can differ a little because of the ingredients. But, hydrogen peroxide, sodium chloride, and fragrance are some of the ingredients that they all share. The good news is that all of these are safe when you use the products properly. All these ingredients work well in cleaning, degreasing, and removing stains on wood floors.

Pros and Cons of Using Fabuloso on Wood Floors

If you still can’t decide on whether to use Fabuloso on your wood floors, check the pros and cons of using it:


  • Readily available
  • Comes in great scents
  • Affordable
  • Good at degreasing
  • Non-damaging because of its natural pH


  • Possibility of streaks
  • Can only be used on sealed wood flooring
  • Fragrance can be too strong for others

What Surfaces Can You Safely Use Fabuloso On?

Surfaces Can You Safely Use Fabuloso


Does Fabuloso Have a Lot of Chemicals?

You know that you can use Fabuloso on sealed wood floors, but can you use Fabuloso on wood floors safely?
Fabuloso doesn’t have bleach or ammonia. It has water, surfactants, mild disinfectants, colorants, and scents. These are common ingredients in cleaning agents, and the company says that this multi-cleaner isn’t hazardous.
Though Fabuloso doesn’t have a lot of chemicals, it still has chemicals. You might inhale chemicals that could cause skin irritation and trigger respiratory problems such as COPD and asthma.
It’s best to be extra careful not to try to heat or boil it. If you find the scent too strong, dilute it in more water. Just make sure you don’t over-dilute since it might not be as effective in cleaning.
Also, experts suggest standing a few meters away when you spray it on stubborn dirt or grease. As mentioned earlier, you might inhale chemicals if the applicator is too close to you.
Protect yourself by wearing protective gear such as goggles, masks, and gloves when using this product. Then, wash your hands and body thoroughly after you clean.
You should also never drink Fabuloso. It can result in digestive problems such as stomach aches or pain in your esophagus.
Following the instructions on the packaging is a must so that the chemicals in Fabuloso won’t cause a problem.
Since Fabuloso has chemicals, storage is another important consideration. You should keep it away from children and store it in a dry and clean area.

How Do You Mop Floors with Fabuloso?

Mopping your floors using Fabuloso is simple.

Step # 1 – Clean the Floor

You have to remove dirt and other particles on your floor by using a broom or vacuum cleaner so cleaning with Fabuloso will be more effective. This is also important in preventing scratches on the floor and sticky floors after you mop.
You can also find stains on your floors and remove them easily when you sweep. Keep in mind that Fabuloso works well in degreasing, giving you clean and shiny floors.
But, Staining or discoloration can occur if these particles aren’t removed and the cleaner comes in contact with them.

Step # 2 – Make a Fabuloso Mixture

Fill a large bowl with a gallon of warm or room-temperature water and mix ¼ cup of Fabuloso. You can enhance the effectiveness and anti-bacterial properties of Fabuloso if you don’t use cold water. If you plan to spot clean only, mix ⅛ cup of Fabuloso in a spray bottle filled with water.

Step # 3 – Mop and Dry the Floor

Now, it’s time to soak your mop into the mixture, squeeze out as much water, and mop your floor. Make sure that there isn’t excess water on your floor. The water can penetrate your floor and damage it. Then, allow it to dry to ensure that you have shiny, clean, and fresh-smelling floors. If you see any stains left, repeat all the steps.


Finally, you know the answer to, Can you use Fabuloso on wood floors? Fabuloso is great not only for wood floors but for other cleaning needs. But, you need to make sure that your wood floors are sealed. You don’t want to have clean but damaged floors. Though Fabuloso doesn’t have dangerous ingredients, you need to use it properly and carefully.
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