You`ve got some questions? I have all the answers!

I receive dozens of emails every day, most of the asking the same questions. It would take hours every single day to answer all of them. Below you will find frequently asked questions and the answers to them.

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  • q-iconHow can I download your 100 free woodworking plans?

    It`s very easy! You simply need a free membership with my blog. All you have to do is to sign up for a free account and you will receive instant access to the password protected area. There you will find much more than just 100 free woodworking patterns!

  • q-iconI haven`t received any membership details?!

    Most of the time the email takes 10-15 minutes to arrive. If you`ve waited much longer than this, you will need to check the spam filter of your email account. Sometimes email providers put my emails into the “spam” box for no reason. There you should make sure to put my domain “mikeswoodworkingprojects.com” as a “safe” emailadress in your filters.

  • q-iconWhat happens to my private details once I sign up for a free account?

    Your details will never ever be shared with any 3rd party! Your private details are stored on a secure server and cannot be “hacked” or stolen. Once in a while you will receive free newsletters to your email inbox from me, however you can always unsubscribe from these free emails.

  • q-iconHow can I open your free woodworking plans?

    You will notice that almost all files are in a “.PDF” format. For these files you will need a free software, a so called “PDF viewer” to open and view the woodworking plans. Most computers have already installed such a software. If not, you can simply download the software from here: Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • q-iconHow can I request a specific woodworking plan?

    As you may imagine, I receive dozens of emails every single day. Many of them ask for specific woodworking plans. It would take several hours to search & deliver a specific woodworking plan to every interested woodworkers. However I am sure that in my free 100 woodworking plans, you will find the right project plan for your needs!

  • q-iconWhy do you give away free woodworking plans? Where`s the catch?

    Actually there isn`t any catch at all. I spent hundreds of hours and even more dollars to build a nice collection with detailed woodworking project plans. Why should I keep them to myself? Why shouldn`t other woodworkers like you benefit from that. That`s why I decided to give them away to all interested people.

    What`s in it for me? Once in a while you will receive promotional emails from me where I recommend fellow woodworking partners and friends. With these emails I earn a few dollars that help me to make a good living. Nevertheless you can always unsubscribe from my free mailings and still keep my free woodworking plans. So there`s not real catch at all for you!

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