A Handy Woodworking Power Tools List for Woodworkers

A serious woodworker must have certain power tools in his workshop. Of course, he doesn’t need to buy them all together. As he takes up newer projects, he will realize which one are the most important ones and hence he can purchase them as needed. By definition, a power tool is one that needs electrical power to work. The prime reason one needs to work with power tools is that it makes the whole process of building furniture fast, efficient and cost effective.

Here is a handy woodworking power tools list for woodworkers:

Table Saw:  This is among the first power tools and any professional woodworker buys and it is also among the most used power tools in a woodworker’s workshop. Since, this equipment os used often, you should always buy a quality table saw that can withstand all the work it will be performing. Right from ripping, grooving, joining and mitering, it can do it all and more.

Circular Saw: Another versatile power tool that woodworkers cannot do without is a circular saw. This tool can be hand held or can be mounted on a table. You can set the depth of the cut and therefore with it you can create narrow slots, dado cuts, etc. It’s mobility is an added advantage which you do not get with a table saw.

woodworking power tools list
Great woodworking power tools list.

Power Drill: Many people find cordless power drills to be useful for them, but they are not as powerful as they corded power drills, yet they are more expensive. The corded power tools typically work when connected with an electrical power source. They have a longer life and are steadier. There are a number of features that one should consider when buying a power drill like – whether you need a straight or hammer drill, what is the size of the chuck, or you need a keyed or keyless chuck.

Router: In order to add professional finishing to woodwork, it is important for woodworkers to own a router. This tool will help you give shape to the edges of any woodwork. There are two types to choose from stationery and plunge base. For beginners, stationery is good enough, while plunge base is more advanced and apt for experienced woodworkers. Make sure the one you choose has electronic variable speed, is 2 HP and is to make bit changes.

Jigsaw:  If your woodwork needs cutting circles and curves, you must own a jigsaw. It is a handheld device and is quite indispensable in any woodworking workshop.

Compound Miter Saw: If the projects you take up needs you to carry out some crown molding and similar other projects then owning a compound miter saw definitely makes sense. It can help you to make quick and accurate cuts.

Random Orbital Sander: For professional finishing to woodwork, this device is a must have. It works in circular movements so you need not worry about the direction of grains.

With these tools in your workshop, you can take up any wood project as you like.

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