Importance Of Choosing Detailed Woodworking Shop Plans

It is the dream of every woodworker to own a custom design workshop when he can carry out his wood work. Many people have to begin in a small make shift shop and gradually when they have the right shop space and money to invest, they can build their dream shop. When building your shop, one thing that has to be given a lot of importance is the floor. Having the right type of floor is important for the wood work you want to carry out.

Typically, there are two types of floors that are used in woodworking shop plans

Namely: Concrete and wood. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

woodworking workshop plans
Example of great woodworking workshop plans.

Concrete Floor vs. Wooden Floors:

If your wood work needs a constant use of heavy machinery, it is advisable that you have a concrete floor in your workshop. Since, concrete is solid and more durable, it can withstand the heavy weight machines and keep vibrations at a reduced level. Again, in a small workshop where heavy machinery needs to be moved often, a concrete floor is recommended.

There are some things to keep in mind to ensure that a concrete floor is in good condition. It should be properly sealed to make it stable and durable.  Look out for damaged and uneven surfaces as they signal they the condition of the floor is not sound.

But, concrete floors also have certain disadvantages – they can be slippery. Make sure you use a good quality anti-slippery paint. You should repaint it from time to time as the paint may peel off over a period of time. Also, in the space where you will be standing while working on the machine, place ribbed rubber mat for extra protein from slipperiness. Having a concrete floor in the workshop is a great idea. The disadvantages associated with it can be addressed easily. However, if you would prefer a wooden floor for personal reasons, here is what you can do.

Wooden floors typically come in two forms – solid and suspended. In a workshop a solid wooden floor is desirable. In order to get the best of both worlds, a wooden floor should be laid over concrete floor. The heavy machinery should be placed directly on concrete pads. This way you will not experience vibrations in machines which typically results when such machines are placed on wooden floors.

So, in order to design a woodworking shop plan, you do not just have to work on the space and layout, but also on the type of floor your want. Whenever you are working in your workshop, make sure that you adhere to the standard safety norms which also include wearing suitable footwear. Ideally, industrial type trainers with steel toecaps should be worn as they will keep your toes safe in case your drop a tool accidentally.

Therefore, it is clear that you have to choose the right floor type in order to design an efficient woodworking shop plan.

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