Most Important Features Of A Woodworking Design Software

Woodworking may be the most honed skill you have, but it is possible that you usually it more than a few speed bumps when it comes to designing. For this problem, a number of woodworking design software have been developed. They allow you to put your vision of what you want your project to be like, into do- able instructions and blue prints that you can follow, step by step. SketchList 3D is one such software. It has been developed for woodworkers by woodworkers. It is perfect for people who have picked up woodworking as a hobby, as well as for professionals who do not want invest in complicated and expensive CAD programs.

woodworking design software
Best woodworking design software – SketchList 3D Professional


SketchList 3D has an easy layout for creating accurate designs and detailed visualizations, regardless of whether users have any previous experience in computer design.

The Hobby Version:

It is a furniture design software, using which you can make 3D models of your to-do woodworking tasks. It is similar to the professional version conceptually speaking, as it allows you to work with ease while using, 3D virtual boards, built in woodworking functions, etc. The only difference is that, this version has been scaled back so that it can fit into the budget of people who do woodworking as a hobby.

The Professional Version:

It offers a design software which is perfect for advanced woodworkers. It produces better proposals, better 3D rendering, increased detailing of board edges as well as better drawings and material layouts.


  • More effective competence
  • Better proposal preparation
  • Less time consuming when it comes to proposal preparation
  • A more professional look for your bids and proposals
  • Automatic generation of cutting layouts, purchase lists and drawings.
  • Minimum material waste and lesser mistakes.

It comes with a video tutorial as well, which can help you familiarize yourself with the software and also learn some nice tips and tricks.

This woodworking design software can be downloaded from their website. (Visit SketchList 3D here)

Neither version is very “ heavy” and will not put much of a load on your computer. The minimum memory requirement to download it is 120MB. After downloading, not all the functions can be used. In order to activate the complete features you need to buy your activation code, no matter which version you are looking to use. The free Trial version has a limited time period and does not remain usable after that. The activation code is sent via email.

This short video shows the dashboard of the professional SketchList 3D woodworking design software:

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