Most Woodworkers`Favorite Hand Tools In One Article

Wood workers cannot possibly work without their tools no matter what. At first there were only manual and stressful tools which required human labor to make something but now there are heavy machines to do all the work for them. No matter how much technology advances, the woodworkers often go for hand tools. There is something conventional and traditional about using hand tools, they say. They always keep some of their hand tools with them no matter how greater and more efficient instruments and tools they acquire.

The hand tools include various tools which are often owned by the wood workers when they begin their career and are in need for practice. There are hundreds of hand tools available in the market which are kept as souvenirs or simply because they like working with them.

most important hand tools
Overview of the most important hand tools for woodworkers

Some of the most important hand tools include an axe for starters. The axe is mostly the first manual tool acquired by any woodworker who knows he has to cut through the bark or trunk of the tree to get the piece of wood he needs to formulate something new. The axe lets one cut through branches or even the trunk if the axe is made from the toughest metal in the market.

Another very conventional and loved woodworking hand tool is the hammer. Of course when the wood is cut, it needs something to make it stick with other pieces of wood. The screws and nails are then passed through the pieces of wood by hitting with a manual hammer. Although there are many heavy machines in the market to do the work of a hammer yet this is one tool that is kept by all wood workers. The reason is its easy portability. Other machines require bags or trucks to be carried. However, if the hinges of your doors or the nails of your drawers are loose, you can simply insert them back in tightly by using the hammer. Human effort is required for the purpose but its efficiency is not reduced in any way.

Among the other important hand tools is the screw driver. This is used to turn and circulate back the screws and nails inside the hinges and holes to make the drawer or any other wooden object tight and firm again. There are drilling machines and other alternates also available for this purpose but the screw driver can be kept in a pocket and carried of anywhere.

The wood workers often have certain bags and pouches in which they carry their hand tools. These pouches are not to be heavier than the average weight of bags. These pouches contain pliers, hammers, screw drivers, axes and even a manual single blade saw in some cases.

There are certain occasions when the wood workers are required to fix something they have sold to some customer. The fixing may require tightening of the hinges or the drawers. It might require cutting of some piece of wood that seems excessive according to the setting of the house. For that purpose, it is hardly seen that the wood workers carry their heavy and complex machines to the houses of their customers. They simply take their hand tool bag or pouch which contains all of their important tools.

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