Outdoor Woodworking Plans for Your Backyard

Your backyard gives you a lot of opportunities to flaunt your woodworking skills. You can try your hands on constructing customized wooden benches, chairs, birdhouses and bird feeders, planters and plenty other outdoor wooden furniture. If you have been looking to undertake such projects, this article will surely provide you with inspiring ideas. All the free outdoor woodworking plans we have chosen are detailed and come with step by step instruction for easy understanding. Check out what we have picked for you.

Our Top List of detailed outdoor woodworking plans!

  1. DIY Garden Bench Guide from DIY Garden Plans:

One of the first pieces of furniture that one should have in their backyard garden is a sturdy bench. This is where you can sit, bask in the sun, sip a cup of coffee and relax. The plan we have chosen for you makes use of 2 2X4s and one 2X6 and fence boards. If you follow the instructions properly, it should be easy to make this one. For details of the project, follow the link below:


free outdoor woodworking plans
Example of good outdoor woodworking furniture plans.
  1. Cedar Bird Feeder from About.com

If you are a bird lover, you would want to attract some of them into your back yard. For this purpose having a bird feeder installed in the background is a must. That is why we have chosen a simply but sturdy cedar bird feeder plan for you. Check the link below for its free plans and many other similar bird feeder plans.



  1. DIY Planters from Ana White

Another must-have wooden piece of furniture in your backyards is planters. They give a whole new look to the backyard. That’s why we have chosen these DIY cedar planters from Ana White’s website. They are very simple to make and quite economical too. Follow the link below to get all the required details of the project – right from tools and material list, step by step instructions and  diagrams.



  1. Adirondack Chair Plan from This Old House:

An Adirondack chair is one of those classic chairs to have in your outdoor space. One look at it and they seem a bit complicated to make. But, with this plan from the Old House Magazine, all your doubts will be dispelled. The plan is explained in a detailed step by step way making it easy for anyone to follow. Check out the plan here.



Hope these outdoor woodworking plans have given you enough inspiring ideas to work on in days to come. Make all these furniture for your backyard and enjoy your summer in style.

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