Overview Of 4 Of The Best Woodworking Clamps

Many people who start off as amateur woodworkers, may not need anything more than a hammer and a saw to take on simple tasks. But, it is not the same thing with clamps. There are a different number of best woodworking clamps, which vary according to the preference of the woodworker. The kind of woodworking clamp you would require also varies according to the task at hand. Clamps come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and you may have to buy two or three. But, usually a miter clamp or band clamp is sufficient for simple woodworking tasks.

best woodworking clamps
Overview of the best woodworking clamps

This is my personal list of the best woodworking clamps:


Whenever you are starting a clamp collection, you need to have a few C-clamps. Light duty clamps of this sort are enough for most shop and home projects. You should start by getting six to eight c-clamps of medium length. The size matters because it dictates the maximum capacity of the clamp. Once you have stocked up on basic clamps, you ca move up to specialty models. If you are looking for a lamp which can prove to be handy for both clamping and gluing, you can go for a Three-Way Edging clamp, which has three screw which can be adjusted.

Pipe Clamp Fixtures

When the need to add extreme pressure arises or to secure large projects, you can made your DIY clamps from pipe fixtures. You can use galvanized or standard black iron pipes. The headstock fixture can be threaded onto one end of the pipe. Then, taking the tailstock fixture which is adjustable you can slide it onto the other pipe end. The capacity of the pipe clamp is dependent on the length of the pipe. However, using couplings you can join different lengths of pipes, giving you absolute control on the total length and clamping capacity of your pipe clamp.

Deep Throat Bar Clamps

If you are opting for DIY clamps made of Pipe Clamp Fixtures, you will not really require traditional bar clamps. However, you should still get a few deep throat bar clamps. These clamps combine the deep reaching capacity of the C-clamp with the stretching capacity of the pipe clamp, easily making them the most versatile clamps out there. They are available in a wide variety of depths and are quite irreplaceable when it comes to home repair. They should definitely be a part of any woodworker’s tool box, regardless of whether you have c-clamps or pipe clamps.

Hand Screw Clamps

Most woodworkers could easily go on with their best woodworking clamps list, without including this particular clamp.  But, if you are a hobbyist and tools which look cool are a must have, then the hand-screw clamp will be very hard to pass up. They are very versatile when it comes to function. They have jaws made of solid maple and sturdy metallic handles that allow you to exert as much pressure as required. They are easily adjustable as well, making them super useful for both house and shop projects.

Of course there are countless of other different clamps. But in my opinion these 4 belong to the best woodworking clamps. You can buy them in every woodworking store, I always suggest to take a look at the online shop over at Rockler Woodworking.

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