6 Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Wood Lathe

wood lathe explanation

Woodturning is a very interesting branch of woodworking that is quite popular among woodworkers. In order to get started in this field, one must have a good quality and sturdy wood lathe and a couple of other woodturning tools like chisels, gouges and parting tools. With these equipments, you can certainly go a long way…

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10 Table Saw Safety Rules Any Woodworker Should Follow

Table saw safety

The table saw is one of the most versatile and widely used power tools in a woodworking workshop.  It is also one of the most dangerous tools, if not used with proper caution and safety. In order to make the most of this tool in your workshop, here are the table saw safety rules that…

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Wood Craft – Best Shop For Your Woodworking Needs

wood craft online shop

For more than eight decades, Wood Craft Supply, LLC (www.woodcraft.com) have been catering to the woodworking needs of people in the industry by selling high quality woodworking tools and supplies. It was founded in the 1928 in Boston, and since then it has come a long- long way. In the year 1989, the Wood Craft…

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7 Detailed Storage Shed Plans To Choose From

detailed storage shed plans

When it comes to storage space, the truth is you can never have enough of it. You might have a basement or a garage to store things away, but still after a time they are likely to be full and finding the things you need at the right moment can be an issue. The best…

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5 Things To Know When Buying Used Woodworking Machinery

used woodworking machinery

Many people get attracted towards woodworking, as it gives  them the opportunity to make the furniture they need on their own and in the process they can save quite a handsome sum of money. One will need woodworking machinery to complete any woodworking project, right from cabinets, tables, wardrobes to small projects like birdhouses. However,…

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All You Need to Know About Finishing Unfinished Furniture

unfinished furniture collection

There are woodworking enthusiasts who do not have the time to construct their own furniture from scratch with some woodworking project plans; however they do want to add their own personal touch to the furniture they use in their homes. If you are one among them, then we do have a solution for you. You…

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8 Toy Box Plans That You Can Choose From

toy box

Of all the furniture that you have in your house for your kid, a toy box is perhaps one the most useful one. It does a great job in helping you to keep your child’s room neat and tidy, by housing all the toys when they are not needed. If there is shortage of space…

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Tools For Working Wood – For All Your Hand Tool Needs

tools for working wood logo

Woodworking as a craft has been in existence since centuries. It has been there from a time when there were no power tools; woodworkers belonging to these times made use of a handful of hand tools to carry out all sort of work on wood. With the advent of technology, power tools were invented and…

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Highland Woodworking – For All Your Woodworking Needs

Highland Woodworking Online Shop

In order to execute a woodworking project, a woodworker will need various tools, equipments, materials and machines. And for procuring all these, the first thing he will need is a reliable supplier, who can cater to and meet all his woodworking needs. If you are looking for one such supplier in Atlanta, then Highland Woodworking…

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12 DIY Wood Projects That You Will Love To Try

diy wood projects

Woodworking projects can be great fun. If you are looking for DIY wood projects that are not your run-of-the-mill kind, are pretty simple to execute, but still look different and nice, then here is a list of 12 such projects. These projects will suit beginners and experienced woodworker’s alike and the best thing about them…

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