4 Easy Jewelry Box Woodworking Plans

easy jewelry box woodworking plan

Wooden Jewelry Boxes are one of the in-things these days. They are one piece of wooden furniture that typically lasts forever. The old ones become heirloom and are passed on from one generation to another. They make great handmade gifts – be it your spouse, mom or sister – you can gift it to them…

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3 Gun Cabinet Plans to Try for an Aspiring Woodworker

gun cabinet plans

A gun cabinet is a stylish piece of furniture in any household. In order to display your collection of firearms and guns, you need something elegant to bring out their charm. In many houses, firearms are not given the due spaces – you might find them tucked under the bed or shoved in one corner…

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5 Fun Woodworking Projects – Amazing Plans

fun woodworking projects

  Woodworking is an art. If you are a woodworking enthusiast and spend some amount of time every week working with it, you would know it is definitely fun working with it. It doesn’t mean that you need to master all the skills to create something out of wood. In fact, if you just have…

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5 Dining Table Plans for Woodworking Enthusiasts to Try

top dining table plans

  A dining table is one of those essential and indispensable pieces of furniture in a house. This is where you can sit with your family to enjoy your meals together. Of course, that is the obvious use given the word ‘dining’ in its name. However, there are a number of other ways a dining…

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3 Easy Woodworking Desk Plans

woodworking desk plans

  We all need desks in our home – that is the piece of furniture that is absolutely essential for our work area. Building a desk can be a beginner project or an intermediate or difficult one depending on the desk plan you choose. If you are a newbie in the field it is advisable…

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4 Free Coffee Table Woodworking Plans to Try

coffee table woodworking plans

  A coffee table is one of those essential pieces of furniture in the house that you cannot do without. In fact, most houses have not just one but 2 or 3 coffee tables. Why? Well, you would need one for the living room, one on the porch and many be one in your study…

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5 Detailed Bookcase Plans To Try Your Hands On

bookcase plans

Every budding woodworking enthusiast must try his hands on building a book case with good and detailed bookcase plans. It is one of those essential projects one must undertake if he is seriously considering pursuing woodworking. A bookcase project is fairly easy if you choose a simple bookcase plan and the good thing is –…

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3 Assorted Cabinet Plans You Can Try Your Hands On

woodworking cabinet plans

Today, by the term ‘cabinet’ we understand it is a piece of furniture that comprises of shelves and drawers which can be used for storage. Cabinets have evolved with time and today you can find cabinets for almost everything. In a house, you will find them in the kitchen for storing utensils and food items;…

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4 Amazing Bunk Bed Plans For Kids Rooms

bed bunk plans ana white

Looking for some great bunk bed plans? Well, looks like we guessed your needs right. In this article we are going to share 4 such plans for you to choose from. Bunk beds are gaining popularity by the day – the reason is obvious – it looks cool & trendy, plus it saves quite a…

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3 Adirondack Chair Plans To Try This Season

adirondack chair plans

Some outdoor furniture is not just for utility, they add a beauty to the space. Think of your backyard, garden or porch – would it not be great if you could add come classy wooden chairs to elevate its feel. You do not just need something to sit on; you need something that lets you…

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