5 Best Sources For Free Online Woodworking Jig Plans

example of woodworking jig plans

Jigs are an indispensable part of woodworking.  They make woodworking efficient, accurate, and safe as well. There are a number of sources on the web that offer free woodworking jig plans; all designed to help you to do various woodworking tasks, which would otherwise seem very cumbersome. If you are looking for some of the…

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6 Projects To Try From Various Woodworking Magazines

oldest woodworking magazines

As a woodworker you should always try to hone your skills, increase your knowledge about woodworking, and know what types of furniture are in vogue, etc. A very good way to do the same is by reading various woodworking magazines. Magazines unlike books talks about what’s in and trending; they cover different aspects of woodworking…

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Best Resources To Design The Best Workshop Plans

workshop plans concrete floor

Every woodworker dreams of building his own custom designed workshop that has ample space to house all his tools and machinery, is neatly organized and most importantly – is functional. While most of us would like to build it from scratch, but most of the times we often have to make use of an existing…

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5 Great Woodworking Ideas For Beginners

woodworking ideas for beginners

Woodworking is a creative field. There is no dearth of woodworking projects that you can take up – all your need is a little imagination, some basic woodworking skills and the right tools to get started. As a beginner in this field, you must always choose projects that are as per your skills. As you…

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4 Easy Wood Projects For Kids

woodworking for kids

Kids are curious beings. They love adventure, they love to try new things and if your kid has an inclination for woodwork, he might just love making things out of wood. Of course, when choosing wood projects for kids, you need to ensure that the ones you choose are specifically meant for kids. You have…

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9 Wood Crafts Any Woodworking Beginner Should Try

wood craft

Since ages the art of wood crafts has caught the fancy of people. There are intricate and detailed wooden pieces that belong to the past centuries – a time when there were no advanced woodworking tools and power equipment. Even at such times, there were woodworkers, who were dedicated to this craft. If you are…

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Woodsmith – One Of The Best Resources On Woodworking

woodsmith magazines

There is no dearth of resources to learn new things. When it comes to the art of woodworking, the same thing applies. In fact, the resources on woodworking are so numerous and varied, that you are actually going to be spoilt for choices. If you are interested in learning this craft or if you an…

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6 Wood Project Ideas For Beginners

wood projects

Many people are interested in the field of woodworking, but they feel scared about trying their hands on it. This is because they feel intimidated by the complexity of various woodworking projects they want to take up. That is why it is very important for a beginner to choose their first projects carefully. The projects…

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Things To Consider When Buying A Wood Router

wood router in action

One of the woodworking tools that serious woodworkers cannot do without is a ‘wood router’.  This is because with this tool and a set of wood router bits, one can create an impressive array of designs, shapes, grooves, etc. But, before you take the plunge and buy one for yourself, you need to understand the…

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The Essentials Of A Good Woodworking Bench

new woodworking bench

A woodworking bench is one of the essential equipments to have in a woodworking shop. It is what is used by woodworkers to hold work pieces while they work on them with their tools.  The shape, size and proportion of a woodworking bench can definitely vary from person to person. This is because every woodworker…

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