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Over the last 60 years of its existence, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has been tirelessly working to meet the needs of people in the woodworking industry. With a chain of wood supply stores that are present in all parts of the United States of America, it is the go to destination for all your woodworking needs.

Woodworking is an art and craft. In order to create an object out of wood, you need the right quality tools and equipments and for that you need a reliable supplier. With Rockler Woodworking at your service, you will not have to worry about getting your woodworking supplies any more. It is you one stop solution for all your woodworking needs.

Rockler Woodworking History:

Rockler Woodworking was founded by Nordy Rockler in the year 1954. Back then, it was a mail order woodworking supply company and was known as the Minnesota Woodworkers Supply Company. Its first catalogue featured specialty wood veneers and hardware items like table slides, knobs, pulls, etc. It got a good response from woodworkers at the time, as it gave them a place where they could get the supply of their woodworking things whenever needed. Their first retail store was opened in 1978 in Minneapolis and was named as the ‘The Woodworker’s Store. It has come a long way since. Today, it boasts of more than 35 stores with more stores in the pipeline –right from Boston to San Diego. The number of products that they sell has grown tremendously. They also publish a woodworking magazine by the name of ‘Woodworker Journal’. It is a leading publication that features woodworking plans, techniques, practical tips, product reviews and more.

rockler woodworking store
Rockler Woodworking And Hardware store

Placing an Order on Rockler Woodworking and Other Details:

If you are a woodworker who lives in the vicinity of a Rockler woodworking store, then you should visit the store to check out the variety of woodworking tools, equipments, power tools, jigs, accessories, etc. that they have in store for you. If you want to know if a Rockler Woodworking store is located nearby you place, check it out on their site under the ‘outlet’ tab. All the stores that are there in different stores are listed there.

In case, a Rockler Woodworking store is not there in the city you live, you can always visit their online store. In order to shop online at their site, you must have a registered account with them. You can create an account for free by signing up for it online – you will have to furnish your personal details, like name, company, address, contact number, etc. Once you get it done, you are good to go ahead and shop.

The Rockler Woodworking site is user friendly, with all products and information segregated under different tabs. On the home page you will see tabs like tools, hardware, supplies and new. Under all these tabs there are more subheadings and under them various products are listed. All products come with a picture, description and price. You can browse the various products and add the products you need to buy in your cart. When you are done shopping, you will need to check out and pay. There are a couple of payment options that you can avail of. There is a quick order option as well that you can use if you already know the item number of the products you need. This way you will not have to browse the site and hence, will be able to save time. There is another way you can browse products on the Rockler Woodworking site. You just need to scroll down and you will find products listed category wise like hardware, power tools, hand tools, wood and more.

Once you have placed the order, it is processed within two working days. If you select the option of economy shipping, Rockler decides the most efficient and cost effective carrier for the order and it can be U. S. Postal Service or UPS. All the information about the shipping charges is stated in details on their site under the customer service tab. In case you need a project urgently, you can choose their priority handling in which the product is shipped same day if ordered before the cut off time. You can check the status of you order online with the help of a tracking number. In the eventuality that you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it back with 90 days of receipt.  The order typically comes with a return form with easy instruction and return address.


The website of  is not just your run-of-the-mill woodworking supply store site, it is in fact a comprehensive resource on woodworking for woodworkers of all skill level. Check out their woodworking resources page which is listed under ‘company info’ tab. They feature high quality and descriptive how-to articles where you will find in-depth information on various woodworking hardware, tools, woodworking techniques, practical tips. There are various informative articles of woodworking topics. They provide classes on woodworking and various product demos. Whether you are looking for tips on improving your woodworking skills, or a jig to make things easier in your shop, you will find the information here very helpful.


Rockler Woodworking
Rockler Woodworking Online Shop

The other biggest asset of Rockler Woodworking is their fast, thorough and knowledgeable customer support. If you are unable to find a product you need, or are looking for information on a certain product, you can trust the expertise of the customer support at Rockler to address your queries. You can call them in their working hours mentioned on the site or make use of the live chat facility on their site to get the answers.

Rockler Woodworking is undoubtedly among the top woodworking suppliers in the United States. It’s commitment to quality and impeccable service is what have helped the company to grow from a mail order company to a woodworking supplies giant with over 35 stores all over the country.

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