Things To Check When Choosing Woodworking Project Plans

Woodworking is a very creative field. One has to be deft with their hands and also need to able to conceptualize designs that can be translated in wood. If you like to use your creative side in your work, this field will give you ample opportunities to do the same. When you create things out of wood, you are able to add a personal touch to them. As a woodworking beginner in this field, you might not be able to generate your own woodworking project plans.  Of course with experience, you will be able to do that later on. But, to start with you will need some good, complete woodworking plans. Else, you might end up with wooden parts that are not in the right proportion. You will also end up wasting your time and effort in creating something that will not be useful in the end.

woodworking project plans
Example of detailed woodworking project plans.

Now the good news is that you do not have to rack your brains in trying to make the right woodworking plans. With the advent of internet, finding good woodworking plans online is not a very cumbersome task. You can find a number of sources where you can get free woodworking plans – yes you heard it right – free. But, remember not everything available on the net for free is good. So, you have to know what things you should check before you start working on a particular free project plan.

5 Most Important Aspects Of Good Woodworking Project Plans

  • A good woodworking plan must come with the blueprint of the final wooden piece. It should be furnished with step by step detailed assembly instructions. A pictorial assembly instruction is even better and can greatly help beginners.
  • All the materials needed to build the project should be listed and itemized. Whenever you start with a project, you need to make sure that you have all the materials ready.
  • It should also have a list of the woodworking tools needed for the completion of the project. Again, make sure you have all the tools and know how to use each of them.
  • Working with wood can be dangerous, if you do not follow all the safety precautions. So, every project should list all the safety precautions that need to be followed while working on the project.
  • Each project plan you furnish a couple of finishing options for the woodworker to choose from. Well, this is not compulsory, but can be really useful.

Of course, do not expect that free woodworking plans will have all the features mentioned above. But, to be passable, it must at least they must have the top three features. Initially, you may stick to the project plan as it is, but gradually you can add your own customization. After a few projects, you will develop a sense of proportions and construction ideas. Once you fully understand what goes into creating woodworking project plans, you will be able to design some on your own.

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