wood craft patterns

Things to Consider When Designing Wood Craft Patterns

The very first thing that a woodworker will need when he starts with a woodworking project is a wood craft pattern. It is the foundation that will ensure that one is able to execute a wood project flawlessly. Whether you want to build a basic bird house or a large show case, you cannot do without it. If you are a budding woodworker, you must start with basic projects. One of the first projects that many woodworkers take up is a bird house. In this article we will tell you the things that need to be taken into account when designing wood craft patterns for bird houses. It will also help you in making patterns for other projects.

Bird houses are meant to provide safe shelter to bird. They are designed to look as natural as possible so that birds take refuge in it and make it their home. Birdhouses come with a hole that is designed to resemble a hole in a tree. The size of the hole will differ for attracting different birds. Among other features that are important for designing bird houses are safety features like ventilation holes, using bird friendly material for building it, the floor size – it should be as per the bird’s nesting requirements, etc.

wood craft patterns

Birdhouses made out of free wood craft patterns.

On an average, the diameter of the hole around1 to1.5” and is positioned near the top of the front of the house and is kept at a distance of 5” from the floor. It is best to make bird house from natural wood like redwood, pine or cedar.  The interior should not be painted or varnished. They should ideally have slanting roof so that rain water does not accumulate over it. They should put at about 4 to 10 feet height and in an area that is generally quiet.

Here are two DIY birdhouse wood craft patterns that you can try your hands on:

  • The basic bluebird birdhouse:

Bluebirds are among the common species of birds that people like to attract when they put bird houses in their back yard. Bird houses for them are made from redwood, pine or cedar wood. One thing that you have to keep in mind is to give it as natural look as possible. Keep one side of the bird house open so that it can be cleaned easily.

  • Clustered birdhouse:

A clustered bird house is a good choice if your want to attract a couple of birds. In this type, three or four independent units are made and are joined together to give a condo type look.

If you want to gain more knowledge about planning bird houses for a particular species of bird, you can find a number of resources online. In fact, there are many sources that will provide you with free wood craft patterns for bird houses. Find a good one, read it carefully, understand the steps and processes involved and try your hand on it. Happy Woodworking!