Tips for Tipping Furniture Delivery Drivers

Tipping to service people in different industries is common in many countries. It’s a custom to tip since it expresses appreciation for a job well done. Some even tip for above-and-beyond service.

You might ask, Do you tip furniture delivery services? Remember that furniture delivery personnel don’t expect a tip. Put simply, it depends on you. If you find it hard to decide if you’re supposed to tip for a furniture delivery system, you’re in the right place.

What is Furniture Delivery?

What is Furniture Delivery

After you purchase your furniture, the sales assistant will likely ask you how you want your item to be delivered. You can choose between curbside and white-glove delivery.

Curbside Delivery

From the name itself, you’ll collect your item from the curbside. This is a good option if you want to save money.

Also, you can opt for this if you know you can carry the furniture on your own from the curbside and into your house. You also have to be familiar with how to assemble it.

Also, you have to remember that some drivers won’t bring the furniture. So, you have to get it down and carry it to your house.

You need to ask what will happen in case you received a damaged item. Returns can be complicated. That’s because you might be asked to pay the shipping fee. The store will also have to check the item before you get your money back.

White-Glove Delivery

Why Do You Give Tips on Furniture Delivery

White-glove delivery means you get a premium service. Unlike curbside delivery, delivery personnel will bring your furniture inside your house. You’ll have an easier time resolving your dispute if it’s damaged.

If you consider this, better ask first where they will take your furniture. Can they bring it to a room on the second floor?

Moreover, check with them if they’ll assemble it. This is often included but you can ask just to be sure.

As mentioned, this is a premium service, so you can expect it to be expensive. Though you can choose the delivery day, you can’t pick the time frame since it depends on the availability of their trucks.

Why Do You Give Tips on Furniture Delivery?

Though not required, furniture delivery personnel will much appreciate receiving a tip.

Their job is physically demanding, so it can make them feel better when you acknowledge their efforts.

Furniture delivery isn’t volunteer work. If you receive quality service for your heavy furniture such as receiving your order on time, giving tips makes furniture delivery personnel work better.

It also makes you feel good knowing that you’re able to express your appreciation to those who deserve it.

What Are the Benefits of Tipping Furniture Delivery Personnel?

Tipping means helping, so here are some of the benefits of tipping furniture delivery:

Show Appreciation

Delivery companies aren’t always familiar with the building structure of the places they’ll deliver to.

You can show how grateful you are if the furniture delivery personnel bring your furniture to the 3rd floor without a single scratch. The weather doesn’t cooperate all the time.

So, even if the weather is bad and the delivery personnel delivered your item on schedule and in good condition, be appreciative.

Again, it’s not necessary. But, giving a tip is an unwritten law when you receive an amazing service.

Supports the Livelihood of Furniture Delivery Professionals

Why do you need to tip if the delivery company pays them wages for doing their work?

That’s because their rate per hour doesn’t reflect the amount of effort they put into their work. Also, they might not have incentives.

Not only does tipping show appreciation but also supports their budget. Your tip can help them manage their bills.

Encourages Good Service

There are times when carrying furniture is more difficult physically for furniture delivery personnel.

But, no matter how heavy it is, they will deliver your furniture to your home. 

Most companies don’t consider extra hard work to the delivery personnel’s salary. 

So, if you notice that delivering or carrying your furniture requires more physical effort, give a tip. They can feel better because they know that they’ve been of good service to others.

How Much Should I Give As a Tip? What Are Some Factors to Consider When Giving Tips?

Though there’s no right amount when giving tips, these factors can help you decide how much to give.

 Excellent Service

Excellent service means furniture delivery personnel understand your needs. 

Furthermore, they protect the items from getting damaged. That includes doing their very best to be careful not to damage your property when they bring in your furniture. They can also provide help or suggestions even if it’s not included in their job.


Does the furniture delivery personnel arrive on time? You can decide on the tips you’ll give depending on how much they value your time.


Friendly delivery personnel are polite, well-mannered, and always smile. Do they still smile even if they have to make deliveries in bad weather? It’s crucial for them to always be kind regardless of the situation.

Difficulty of Delivery

Furniture deliveries are more difficult and dangerous if there’s bad weather such as heavy rains or snow storms. 

Also, it’s more challenging to bring furniture to homes with slim doors, narrow alleys, or cramped staircases. In these situations, it’s recommended to give a higher tip. 

The delivery can take a long time during bad weather. This can affect delivery personnel’s schedule. So, giving a tip can somehow make up for the time they lost. 

When they have to disassemble and reassemble your furniture due to your home’s features, consider giving an extra tip as well. 

What Are Some of the General Tipping Tips I Need to Know?

Remember to give a tip to every person on the delivery team. It’s not a good idea to just give a large bill and tell them to distribute it among themselves. 

When you hand them their tip individually, they’ll feel more thankful. But, if you can’t tip in cash, you can offer them snacks or other kind gestures. Another important thing you have to remember is to let it go if they reject your tip. 

Some companies have no-tipping policies. In this case, you do kind gestures as well. You can also contact their company and praise them for their good work.

When Do I Need to Tip? Before or After the Delivery?

It has been a practice to always tip after the delivery. This shows that you’re happy with the service.

Also, tipping before the delivery doesn’t reflect appreciation. It’s more on hoping that you’ll get better service.

What Are the Payment Options When Tipping?

The recommended payment options when making a tip are limited. That’s because you want to reward good work ASAP. They’re through cash and money-sharing apps.


You can determine how much you want to tip in advance to ensure that you have enough bills. This is the best method to pay since you know that they have the money on hand right away as opposed to giving a check or depositing it in their account.

Money-Sharing Apps

As much as possible, try to tip in cash. But, if you don’t have any bills with you, you can ask them if they have Venmo or other money-sharing apps.

Most of them likely have smartphones. The money will often reflect in their accounts in real-time. But, you have to get their accounts before you can transfer. This might take you some time to transfer if there are more than 2 people on their team.


Finally, you know the answer to this question, Do you tip furniture delivery services?

Tipping shows that you’re grateful to the furniture delivery personnel for doing a good
job. You also know how it benefits you and them. 
When you feel satisfied, they also feel proud of themselves. Remember that it doesn’t matter how small your act of kindness is because it’s never in vain.



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