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Woodworking as a craft has been in existence since centuries. It has been there from a time when there were no power tools; woodworkers belonging to these times made use of a handful of hand tools to carry out all sort of work on wood. With the advent of technology, power tools were invented and with each such creation, the process of woodworking became easy and efficient in many ways. Still, there are many woodworkers even today, who believe in the power of hand tools.  They like to use hand tools alone to make anything and everything from wood. Furniture, birdhouse, cabinets, etc., anything you name, they feel only hand tools allow them to add a personal touch in the things they create out of wood. Of course, there are others who also make use of stationary equipments like table saw along with hand tools for working wood to make the process faster.

Whatever may be the case; one cannot deny the fact that woodworking hand tools are the ones that helps one to connect with wood on a different level. They are quiet compared to the huge power tools. If you are one of those who believe in using hand tools for working wood, then you would be elated to know that there is a woodworking supply store in Brooklyn that specially deals in hand tools only. Yes, we are talking about the one and only ‘Tools for Working Wood’ store.

Tools For Working Wood Online Store
Tools For Working Wood Online Store

Located in the 32, 33rd Street 5th Floor, Brooklyn, New York 11232, ‘Tools for Working Wood’ is the one stop shop for all your hand woodworking tools. When you visit their store, do not expect a fancy show room, as it is actually situated in the warehouse facility called the Bush Terminal Market that was built in 1907 to service the Brooklyn docks. The area surrounding it is known as the Sunset Park.

‘Tools for Working Wood’ store is undoubtedly a unique store

It deals in the finest and the best woodworking hand tools. From wood planes, chisels, measuring devices, vises, hammers, mallets, saws, scrapers, turning tools, carving tools, sharpening tools, to books on woodworking, anything you name and they have it. They also have a range of locally produced as well as imported Gramercy tools and Festool power tools. The staff working in the store is quite knowledgeable and friendly. In case you have any doubt about a product you want to buy from them, or want to see a demo of a particular product, just ask them and they will be happy to oblige. If you are a woodworker living in the vicinity or are visiting Brooklyn for any reason, do drop down to the store to check out what they have to offer. Detailed direction about how to reach them is on their website under the contact and service tab.

If you live far away from Brooklyn and can’t make it to their Brooklyn store, then you can visit their online store and check out the things that they offer. ‘Tools for Wood Working’ have a user friendly site and shopping there is a hassle free experience. There is no need to register, so you can just start shopping right away. Everything they sell is under the shop tab on the home page. The products are further segregated under various sub-heading like hand tools, carving and sculpture, Japanese tools, turning tools, Festool power tools, workshop accessories, etc. Each and every product comes with a general description, specifications and price. You can take your time to browse things and add any item that you would like to buy to your cart.

There is a ‘new’ tab on the main home page that features the products that have been recently added to their catalogue.  Once you are done shopping, you will have to check out where you will need to furnish the address when you want the things to be delivered. Here, you will also be given an approximate estimate of how much time it will take the things you ordered to reach you. In case, you are not satisfied with a product you bought from them, you can return it back within a time frame of 6 month. However there are exceptions, so read their return policy carefully before placing an order.

tools for working wood logo
tools for working wood logo

The processing of an order starts soon after an order is placed. Most of the products are shipped from their New York warehouse through UPS Ground or US mail. The shipping charges are calculated after you have entered in your full address details along with the zip code. They also offer the option of overnight delivery; however it will incur your additional cost. They have provided all the information about the shipping under shipping and privacy info under the contact and services tab.

The other biggest advantage of shopping for woodworking tools at ‘Tool for Working Wood’ is that they have fast, thorough and knowledgeable customer support. If you are unable to locate a tool or product you need, or are looking for information on a certain product, you can trust the expertise of the customer support at ‘Tools for Working Wood’ to address your queries. You can call them in their working hours mentioned on the site to get the answers to all your queries.

The website of ‘Tools for Working Wood’ is not just an online store where various hand tools for woodworking are sold. In fact, it also offers some great articles on woodworking with hand tools to its readers. While you are at it, you should also check out Joel’s and Ben’s blog that is replete with some great practical woodworking tips and techniques.

Tools for Working Wood’ store is undoubtedly among the best woodworking hand tool suppliers in the United States. It’s commitment to supply quality products and services, to its clients are what have helped them establish a loyal customer base.

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