Understanding the Used Tools Market

Are you reading this because you just realized you have too many tools and ran out of storage for them? You don’t have to worry because there are places you can sell your used tools. Your question now is, Who buys used tools near me at a decent price? Continue reading to find out who and where you can sell your used tools.

Where Can You Sell Your Used Tools?

Where Can You Sell Your Used Tools


Here are some of the best places to try to sell your used tools in person or online:

Pawn Shops

You can sell items to pawnbrokers at pawn shops or online. Selling old or used items at pawn shops is fast and easy. So, it’s worth trying to pawn your used tools with them. If there’s a pawn shop near you, this is one of the best places to start selling your used tools.

Auction Houses

Auction houses are another good option if you have tools you barely used or are in mint condition. You can hire an auction house and offer your tools to the highest bidder. However, this is recommended only for very high-end tools. That means you can’t offer them to hobbyists. Keep in mind that this is a one-day event, and you have to advertise to those who you know would be interested.

Garage Sales

You can take part in your neighborhood garage sale since it’s an event where you all buy and sell items you don’t need anymore. Though you might not make a lot of money at garage sales, it’s worth trying. You can just easily call and offer your neighbors if they need any tools.

Flea Markets

Do you have a lot of dated tools you want to let go of? Then, consider selling them at a flea market. Flea markets have been more and more popular since people don’t only sell or buy items here. They also get the chance to socialize.

Hardware Stores

This may seem a surprise, but, yes, you can try selling your used tools at some small hardwood stores. You have better chances of selling it to them if they have the same tool at their store. They can help you resell them or you can give them a commission if they’re able to sell your tools.


You can sell your used tools and other used items on Craig’s List. No need to pay anything to do business here. What you need to remember when offering your tools on this platform is that users will negotiate.


Aside from posting on your wall, you can post your used tools on Facebook Marketplace. You can also filter your target market through your location so that it will be easier to find potential buyers of your tools. Just make sure you follow the guidelines before you post.


You likely have Amazon in mind if you plan to offer your used tools online. That’s because Amazon is one of the biggest online selling platforms in the world. It’s easy and free to sell items here. What you just need to learn is how to strategically list your items which we’ll share later.

What Tools Get the Best Rates at Pawn Shops?

What Tools Get the Best Rates at Pawn Shops

Branded power tools are the top items to sell at pawn shops. Second, are branded power saws. But, pawnbrokers are often willing to pay more for any branded tool. Do you wonder why brand names are important when selling used tools?

That’s because brands have better value, so they have higher chances of being resold. Also, buyers know what specifically they want when they shop for a used tool. The most important factor for them most of the time is the brand name. They know what brands last long.

So, pawnbrokers want to offer more affordable tools that are in demand by their customers. Sure, the brand name is important, but that’s not all that matters when selling your used tools. There are more things you need to remember if you want to have better price offers.

First, you have to clean them even if you clean them regularly. Because you are going to sell used tools, you can give more attention to cleaning them.

You can get a clean cloth and a non-abrasive degreaser. When you bring clean tools to your pawnbroker, you have better chances of selling them at a higher price.

Moreover, check the other parts such as the cords if they’re separated or twisted or the chains and gears if they’re oiled up. You wouldn’t want your pawnbroker to see these first. Put simply, do whatever you need to do to make your tools more presentable.

Second, try to look for the packaging and user manual of your used tools. Your pawnbroker will have an easier time reselling your tools if the package is complete.

If you don’t have the manual, you can try to search for it and download it from the internet. Finally, your research. Read forums online that discuss selling used tools at pawn shops so that you know what to expect.

What Are The Best Power Tools to Bring to Pawn Shops?

As mentioned, the power tools that sell the fastest in pawn shops are the branded ones. You can earn $30 to $200 for working and branded power tools. Here are some of the best power tools to sell at your local pawn shop:


The prices of Bosch power tools are more expensive compared to their competition. The reason is the quality. So, many homeowners and professionals also consider this brand their favorite.


They are popular with contractors because of their power tools and hand tools. Because of their reputation, some consider them to have the best concrete and woodworking tools.


Makita is a favorite on many job sites since their power tools provide more convenience by having radios or fans.


Milwaukee produces durable tools that are ideal for the toughest and most difficult projects.


Black+Decker is a company known to make power tools not only for amateurs and professionals but also homeowners and hobbyists.

How Can You Sell Your Used Tools on Facebook or Craigslist?

You better concentrate on tools that can be shipped and delivered to customers fast when you sell them on Facebook or Craigslist. Check these tips to understand how to sell tools on these platforms:

Join Groups

Online communities, such as Facebook groups, are very beneficial when you sell online. When you join these, you get an idea of what the other members need. In other groups, members can provide you with pro tips on how to sell used tools.

Research Your Competition

You’ll get an idea of how other used tools sellers offer their items when you research them. One example of the many things you can learn from your competition is how to position your tools for better listing. You can also check their prices out and try to offer more competitive prices.

Prioritize Expenses

Yes, selling tools and other related products are getting increasingly popular. But, this doesn’t mean that you can sell whatever tool you can think of. If you have big and heavy tools, they’ll be pricier to ship. So, it will be better if you offer these in physical places.

Create Amazing Listings

Optimizing your listing is crucial to be able to make a sale. So, make sure to create an attention-grabbing headline and understandable item description that emphasizes why your item is good. You also need to upload quality photos of your product. Most people make their first impressions on an item based on its photo, so better make it appealing.


No need to ask yourself, Who buys used tools near me? Now, you know that there’s a place to sell everything, and used tools are no exception.Not only can you earn money but also help people who are looking for cheaper tools and have more storage space. Good luck finding what works for you in selling your used tools!

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