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Fences have a couple of roles to play around a house. Obviously, it is there to provide some security to the house but, it also provides one with the much needed privacy and adds a different charm to the house. If you are looking for someone who is expert in all types of fencing work, then Walpole Woodworkers are the ones who can help you out. They specialize in all sort of fencing work, whether you need wood fences, vinyl fences, metal fences or wrought iron fences they can help you out with all of them.

The best thing out hiring Walpole Woodworker for your fencing needs is that they will take care of the entire woodworking process, right from the beginning to the end. They take responsibility for every aspect of their work – right from selecting the right lumber to milling, crafting, design and installation. So, when you hire them, you do not have to worry about anything. By hiring them for your fencing work, you can expect unmatched quality of fencing work, which is not only functional and durable but is also aesthetically appealing.

Walpole Woodworker Fences
Walpole Woodworker Fences

Not only fences, they have other services and products to offer as well. They offer various types of gates, pergolas, lantern posts, arbors, wooden play sets, outdoor furniture, planters, railing and more.  They have been offering their services for decades now and have a huge loyal customer base. They have stores in eleven cities in the United States which includes California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia. If you live in any of these cities, you can conveniently opt for their services. Even if you are located elsewhere, you can visit their website and order your customized fences. They also offer other products through their site, but do note that not everything they offer is listed on their site. So, if you have any specific needs, get in touch with the customer service representative for further information. You can also request for a free catalogue online. However, if you want to just order fences from Walpole Woodworker, then you need not worry as they ship fences and provide installation throughout the nation. If you are a DIY person, then too you can order their fences, as the fences come with a detailed set of instructions on how to install them.

If you have any query regarding the shipping charges, cancellation policy, etc., you can check out all these information on their website http://www.walpolewoodworkers.com/ under the customer service tab. It is always advisable to check out the terms and condition before ordering. Their website is quite organized and user friendly with all the products and services listed under relevant tabs. Finding products and services is a breeze on their website. They also have a blog that is updated regular with information about what is trending when it comes to fence design, outdoor furniture, etc.

Why Choose Walpole Woodworkers for Your Fence Needs?

So, what makes the services offered by Walpole Woodworkers so high quality and efficient? Here are some pointers about what makes them different.

–          People at Walpole Woodworkers understand that only the finest quality lumber can produce quality products. That is why when it comes to making fences, they make use of the best wood available for outdoor projects. Northern White Cedar is the wood of choice for making fences at Walpole Woodworkers as it is one of those woods that is highly resistant to decay. Therefore, outdoor structures made of it are quite durable.  However, if the clients have special needs, others wood can also be used. The best thing about the fences made by them is that it is not treated with any harmful chemical or wood preservatives.

–          Walpole Woodworkers understand the impact cutting trees can have on the environment. Therefore, they make sure that all the wood they have it effectively utilized. With their own mills in Chester, Detroit and Maine, Walpole Woodworkers strive to ensure that every piece of wood cut in used in the best way possible for making fences.

–          The manufacturing facility at Walpole Woodworkers is world class. It is where milled parts are transformed into exceptional fences. The woodworkers at Walpole are highly skilled and trained to use the special machinery designed for making fences. All the fences created here are manufactured as per the high standards of symmetry and balanced set by Walpole. The dowels and joints are not only strong, but the design is aesthetically pleasing as well.

If you have specific design needs then the design consultants at Walpole can design fences for your house accordingly. They always strive to create fences that complement the house style.

How are the fences made at Walpole Woodworker different?

Walpole Woodworkers are pioneers in the field of fence making. They have designed and constructed a technological advanced wood fence staining facility. In this facility, first a coat of acrylic latex stain is applied in a monitored environment using state-of-the-art high pressure machine. The fence thus coated is sent to the drying oven after which it is sanded and buffed. Depending on the finish desired further coats of stain are applied and when it is dried completed it is packed and made ready for delivery. The stain applied via this method is of very high quality and is very durable. Walpole has been in a strategic partnership with Sherwin Williams – who are the leaders in premium coating for over 135 years now and offer 14 standard colors. These colors can be further mix to create colors as per the customer’s requirement.

The installation staff at Walpole has been trained in the art of fence installation with minimum mess. They know how deep they need to dig for maximum strength. They take care of proper alignment. Overall, you will not find a reason to worry when you hire them for your fencing need. Want a fence makeover or a new fence for your house; get in touch with Walpole Woodworkers now.

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