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The fence is one of the parts of a house even if one may not initially realize it. If you have heard of the phrase “on the fence” have you ever thought would any fence really be worth sitting on? Well, that depends on who you get your fence made from.

The Walpole woodworker’s outlet is here to fulfill all your woodworking needs. There are many perks in buying from the Walpole Woodworkers outlet, some of them include the fact that they are the only company which controls the whole woodworking process, from start to finish. They are in charge of each small step, including choosing the lumber, milling, designing and installation of your fences. It is because of this step by step control of the whole process that they can guarantee that you get nothing but the most durable and best results.

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When it comes to providing the best fencing results, the most important thing is making sure you get only the best lumber to start with. The Walpole woodworker’s outlet always uses Northern White Cedar and has been using this type of wood since 1933.

It is the kind of wood that has been listed as one of the types which is most resistant to decay. In order to preserve the strength and quality of the lumber used, none of the wood is treated or processed with chemicals or harmful preservatives.

The mills in which the fences are made are owned by the Walpole woodworker’s outlet. The Northern White Cedar is milled with care and is cut particularly for building quality fences. Manufacturing is a step which can have a lot of things go wrong from the start. The milled parts are transformed into a proper fence by a few carefully analyzed process. In order for every end product to be particularly great and different from all the others out there, all the machinery has been specifically made to provide exceptional results.

Design is the main essence of how things turn out, If something has a good design but the quality is just mediocre, you will be stuck with a product which is only half good. On the other hand just good quality without an eye catching design, can leave you wanting more. This is why  the Walpole woodworker’s outlet had hired some of the best design consultants in the country and they do all they can to come up with fences that put the “wow” factor is your yard.

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