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For more than eight decades, Wood Craft Supply, LLC (www.woodcraft.com) have been catering to the woodworking needs of people in the industry by selling high quality woodworking tools and supplies. It was founded in the 1928 in Boston, and since then it has come a long- long way. In the year 1989, the Wood Craft shop operation relocated from Boston to Parkersburg, West Virginia. It had a humble beginning and by dint of hard work, today it has stores in more than 70 major metropolitan areas in the United States. With such an extensive network of shops, it is undoubtedly the one stop shop for all types of your woodworking needs. With its firm commitment about providing woodworkers of all skill levels, with superior and quality products, it has earned a name for itself in the woodworking industry. This is why it is among the first choice of woodworkers for all types of woodworking supplies.

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Did you know that Wood Craft Supply, LLC is among the oldest and the largest suppliers of superior quality woodworking equipment and tools? Every year it distributes about 1.5 million catalogues featuring more than 8000 products to customers and clients in the 50 states and worldwide. Not only that, they also publish six issues of Wood Craft Magazine annually that is replete with information on Woodworking.

Whatever is you woodworking need, it is sure going to be met here. Flip through the Wood Craft Store catalogue, check its online store or visit any of their physical stores, you will find a wealth of tools and supplies. You can find carving tools from Switzerland, sharpening stones from Japan, woodturning tools from England, workbenches from Germany – anything you wish to find you will surely get it here – all under one roof and at very competitive prices.

Placing an Order on Wood Craft Store and Other Details:

Any woodworker will love to live in a place that has a Wood Craft store located there. If by any chance it is not there, you should not be too worried. With the advent of internet, every business that wants to reach out to its customers has taken measures to go online and Wood Craft Supply stores are no different. They have a very user friendly website and an online store and shopping there is quite a wonderful experience.

To be able to shop at the Wood Craft online, you do not necessarily have a registered account with them. However, it is advisable that you have one as it makes the whole process easier. You can sign up for an account for free – all you have to do is furnish your personal details, like name, company, address, contact number, etc. Once the registration is successful, you are good to go ahead and shop.

All the products, tools, equipment and information are segregated under different visible tabs.  On the homepage there are three visible tabs, namely shop tools and supplies, shop sales and special and resources. Under these tabs there are more subheadings and under them various products and resources are listed. The resources section offers various informative articles, woodworking class details, etc., that can help any woodworking enthusiast hone their skills. From great practical tips on enhancing your woodworking skills, to making jigs for efficient woodworking, all information here is sure to help your work with wood in a better way.

All products listed in the site come with a picture, description and price. Feel free to browse the various products and add the products that you think will be useful for your work in your cart. Once you are done shopping, you will have to check out and pay. You can avail of a couple of payment options; choose the one that is most suitable for you.

Once the orders are received they are processed immediately. The orders that are placed before 12 noon are typically processed the same day. Wood Craft stores always tries to use a shipping method that is cost effective and efficient, unless you have specified for an urgent delivery in which case you will obviously be charges extra for shipping. If you want to check the status of your order, you can easily do so online with the help of an online tracking number that will be provided to you when you place the order.

In case you are not very happy with the product you have received, you can always return it back with 90 days of delivery. In exchange for that you can order another product, get a refund or get credit that can be used for future purchases. Do note that in case of power tools the guaranteeprovided by Wood Craft doesn’t apply, as power tools are covered by manufacturer’s warranties. In case you want to return a product that was made available on special order, 25% restocking fees will be deductible. Every detail about the terms and conditions and shipping information has been provided on the site under relevant tabs.

The Added Advantage:

Wood Craft Stores also boast of a knowledgeable and thorough staff. If you have any doubts about a certain product, or are unable to find what you are looking for, you can avail of the unbiased and expert advice of the retail employee. If you are shopping online, just call the Wood Craft Technical Department and all your queries will be answered.

The Wood Craft Stores are not just another supplier of woodworking tools and equipment; in fact they are a one stop resource for all your woodworking needs. From woodworking classes, demonstration to seminars, they organize it all. If you are interested in any of these things, get in touch with their customer support executive for more information. They also boast of the nation’s only chain of DIY woodworking shops, also known as the Woodworkers Club that provides all the supplies, tools, equipment and knowledge to help you hone your woodworking skills. Visit their site now – www.woodcraft.com and unravel the rewarding world of woodwork.

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