Woodworking In Portland, Oregon

You don’t have to be from a particular area or have a particular background to be into woodworking. People who are into woodworking, may however, have difficulty in finding other likeminded people to brainstorm with. For this very reason a great platform has been made for woodworking in Portland, Oregon.

guild of woodworkers
Beautigul sign of the guild of woodworkers in Oregon.

The Guild of Oregon Woodworkers was established in 1982 and is a non-profit organization of volunteers. It consists of hundreds of members who are all commonly passionate for woodworking.  30% of the members are professional woodworkers, while 70% are hobbyists and amateurs having skills of different level. There is a wide variety of woodworking interests among the members which includes construction and furniture design, antique furniture restoration, cabinet making, sculpture and carving.

Guild members make woodworking projects of different kinds. They range from musical instruments to fine furniture, stagecoaches and canoes. People who are into woodworking in Portland, will find several others who share the same flair for getting creative and making something which is not only useful but visually appealing at the same time.

Guild members have different kinds of programs planned for every month. There is a meeting every month and the venue can be anything from local wood shops to high schools, to boost interest in the younger generation as well. Usually meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month. Some of the more experienced woodworkers give classes and lecture to help the beginners get better. Member and non-members alike are warmly welcomed. The Guild also plans casual meetings, where woodworkers can relax and share different ideas related to woodworking. Interaction with people who have skill sets of different levels helps one become more innovative and look at projects in a different light.

The monthly newsletter highlights some of the key activities. Professional members can put links and introductions of their businesses there. This allows you to get your company’s name out there. Also, they can have their project links and picture uploaded in the gallery section of the website. This is helpful for non – members as well as new businesses looking for more work. Classes are offered throughout the year. The topics covered vary from the very basics to advanced levels, so there is truly something for everyone. The topics which have not been covered or ones which have a bit of confusion surrounding them for some of the members can be put forward to the teachers and subsequent classes are then planned.

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