simple woodworking jig

Woodworking Jigs – Tips & Techniques For Beginners

Everyone needs a little guidance and expertise in every field. Learning through simple jigs is what most people prefer. It is like starting from the basic steps and running all the way to expertise. It is never a better idea to start with something complex and realize in mid-way how you really needed to improve your basics. The wood working jigs can include the basic cutting and shaping of wood with simple tools.

Once you are able to cut a piece of wood in perfect straight shape, only then will you be able to cut it into different ones.

There are two main types of woodworking jigs:

simple woodworking jig

This is a simple woodworking jig.

These are like tutorials for beginners when they have just started their work and they are for people who have already made their wood working shops. For such people, these jigs mean maintaining and keeping their shops safe and clean by using certain simple techniques. These jigs are very important for every wood worker as the tools and equipment used in this field can prove to be very dangerous for customers as well as the wood worker himself.

The first step in making your shop safe is by putting all equipment at one side, in one box. This box needs to have one kind of tools. For example, you can label one box for simple tools and keep all manual tools inside it. The axe, the single and manual saw, the screws and all other manual equipment goes in this box.

The next wood working jigs include placement of heavy machinery in a separate place or box. Obviously all heavy machinery cannot be confined to one box; hence it can be placed in one cabinet or across the room, at one corner. Only then will customers and the woodworker himself will remember not to nudge into them by mistake.

The next step is making a partition in the shop for projects that are yet to be completed. If you own a shop which has rooms then this step is not at all difficult. You can simply assign one room for projects that are still under manufacturing and the rest will be your display shop. However, if you do not have enough space you can always build a partition in between. This means how you can hold iron stands or wooden walls between two portions of the shop and divide it. One side will be for ongoing manufacture projects and the other will be for displaying the wooden items.

Other woodworking jigs include placement of already cut wood with sharp edges on one side of the shop. All straight cut wood pieces can be placed on one side. All triangle or other shaped wooden pieces can be placed at one side. Similarly, the screws and other holding material can be placed in one box. These jigs will not only make your shop more presentable but also a lot safer and manageable than before. These jigs are often introduced and presented in magazines online or even in other magazines that are ready to be bought!